Posted on Jul 15, 2019

DSC03144A beach getaway is the best part of summers for most of us.  When you plan a trip to the beach house you need to pack the right clothes and take the right essentials along. If you own the beach house make sure it is ready for use. In coastal areas the weather can be a bit unpredictable, so before you embark on the trip check the weather forecast for the next few days or weeks.

Pack the bags according to the weather so you have what you need for all the time that you are there. An oversized hat and sunglasses are a must for any beach trip. You can protect your skin from the harmful UV rays and the eyes will remain calm under the sun. Get the polarized sunglasses that eliminate the sun glare and let you see more clearly on the surface of the water. Glare can be blinding so make sure your glasses have the polarized lenses.

After the sun goes down it could get a bit chilly so packing a light jacket is not a bad idea. Do wear your jacket when you go for a boat ride. Pack the breathable fabrics in light colors as these are just right for the coastal climate. So take your 100% cotton tees, chambray, and linen tops along to achieve a beach look. You will also stay cool and relaxed throughout the day. At the beach side, the cream and white shorts look great with the white denim shorts. Sundresses are also not a bad idea. It’s a good idea to create a new look every day by mixing and matching your garments.

To walk on the beach pack the flip flops. Do not forget the sandals that can be used while you are in the beach house.  If you have white sneakers take them along for your summer vacation. You may need them to walk down to the grocery store. These will look great with a sundress or shorts and t-shirts. Men need to pack their swimming trunks that can be worn for fishing trips and other water sports. A cap, light jacket, flip flops, and a good pair of sunglasses will also be required for the beach house trip. Avoid packing any dark colors as they absorb heat. Only pack the denim shorts, cotton tees or polo shirts in white or light colors. Boat shoes and sneakers are a summer staple so take them along. You want to stay comfortable throughout the trip and protect yourself from the elements.

Before you go to the beach house make sure it is ready for use. If there is no cargo lift in the beach house get one installed. It will make hauling the baggage to upper floors easy. While you are there you will also go for grocery shopping and the grocery bags can also be transported to upper floors using the automated lift. Beach house lifts or cargo lifts are very affordable these days and help make life more convenient.  These lifts are safe to use and are remotely controlled. You can increase the value of the beach house with a cargo lift installation.

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