Beach Cargo Lift Safety Features

When you invest in a large piece of machinery like a cargo lift, you want more than something to merely carry heavy items; you want durability and reliability. You want safety.

Truly safe cargo lifts have many features that make them so. There should be more than brakes and a button to make the basket stop and go. Safety features on Lift It U.S.A cargo lifts include:

A secure mounting plate. This plate can be buried in the ground or fastened to concrete. It is reliably stable and keeps your lift secure.

The spring retracted Cable Arrest Brake system. This method is standard on our models and brings your basket to a more gentle stop that causes less wear and tear on your system.

A bolted bracket. This piece keeps your lift secured to your structure, as well as the ground for added stability.

The twin cable grooved lift system. Two strong cables further secured with grooves make for a smooth, well carried trip down the stories.

A 5″ I-Beam mast. This piece provides the most support to your lift in the industry.

Non-corrosive aluminum and stainless steel. Because these materials are both strong and resistant to the elements, they will remain sturdy for you in the years to come and resist breaking down.

A 1000 Pound weight limit. You don’t have to worry about your lift getting weighed down; it’s made to carry most large items at a home or small business.

A 150 MPH Engineered Wind Stamp. Your lift will resist even strong windy weather.

All of these features come supported by a Five-Year Structure Warranty. You can get the help you need maintaining your lift so that it continues being one of the best investments you ever make. Of course, keeping your lift safe involves more than safety features; safe use is essential.

Find out more about safety features and safe use by contacting us today.

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