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Cargo Lifts for Your Elevated Home

Never carry heavy objects to the top floor again

Enjoy your trip to the beach — no work required!

Increase your property’s value and appeal

Life goes up and down, and sometimes you need something to help you do the same. Let Lift it USA provide you with a cargo lift that will make it effortless to transport your belongings from the ground level to the second story of your home. Whether it’s everyday items like groceries and trash or heavy, bulkier items like luggage or gear, or to reduce accidents and falls – simply load your items onto the cargo lift, press the remote and let your cargo lift do the work for you.

Don’t wait for life to get harder;
make it easier now!

Most people do not consider a cargo lift until something creates the need for the extra safety and strength these machines can deliver. But, there are plenty of everyday reasons to invest in a cargo lift.

  • When you need to protect your employees, install a cargo lift at your small business.
  • Give your renters a reason to stay and increase your property’s value and appeal.
  • Enjoy your trip to the beach — no work required!
  • Make life easier on yourself at your two-story home with a lift to help you with daily tasks; Never carry heavy objects to the top floor again
  • Let a lift help you recover from an injury, prevent further problems, or support someone in your life who struggles to move.

Why choose Lift It USA for your investment?

  • Quality – We build with the strongest materials and shape them into durable, solid devices.
  • Safety – Strong materials and sturdy craftsmanship means our lifts are safe for use.
  • Strength – Never worry about lifting; you can move up to 1000 pounds.
  • Simplicity – It’s easy to use with a remote control.
  • Support – We offer the best warranty in the industry.

Find out more about what great investments Lift It USA machines can be by browsing our website, and then contact us to start making your life easier.

All Cargo Lifts Are Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in Wilmington NC.

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"Probably the best investment we have ever made, thanks!"

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